Mere Dad Ki Dulhan - मेरे डैड की दुल्हन | Ep 159 & Ep 160 | RECAP

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About Mere Dad Ki Dulhan:
Set in Ghaziabad, Mere Dad Ki Dulhan is a slice of life story that every Father and Daughter duo would relate to. After the death of her mother, Niya has played a pivotal role in the life of her single father, Amber. She plays every possible role in his life, that her mother would have played to keep him happy. She seeks happiness in filling the void in his life. Despite every attempt, she soon realizes that he feels lonely from within and that he needs a companion in his life. Thus begins the journey of this daughter to find a ‘Miss Right’ for her dotting dad. What will this journey entail and how will she find the perfect match for her dad? Will the new addition in Amber’s life change the dynamics and relationship between Niya and Amber?
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