Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 12 - Ep 13 - Full Episode - 14th October, 2020

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Episode 13: The Confusing Degree
In this episode, Amitabh Bachchan has a sweet conversation with the contestant. AB requests the contestant to not jump over his seat in excitement. AB shares his experience about his BSc degree. Watch the full episode to know more.
About Kaun Banega Crorepati:
Indian television's biggest show Kaun Banega Crorepati is back with its Season Twelve with India's beloved host, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan.

  • ....REPETITIVE work was disliked by him; Creative skills needed to flourish in a fresh environment, which required change of place; but, escape needed to be dramatised! ....DRISHYAM: film! Law shouldn’t rely heavily on “false” witness! arworlds.info/video/z4ppfmmJZo51aZY/fydyw ESCAPE: Similar story! facebook.com/100003551897626/posts/2930119093783125/?app=fbl ....JOURNALIST of Pink Villa & Hindi Rush reveals the truth in the link below! P.S. ....EVENTUALLY, everyone is blind folded especially after CBI came in, entry of which was not being entertained by his father despite earnest campaign by the comedy actor; his father used to insist about their own great strength! Finally, he did not appeal for CBI, rather lodged FIR on 27th July in the State against the live-in partner to deter her from putting hands on the windfalls of Dil Bechara, streamed on 24th July earning equivalent to 2,000 crores on OTT, where advertisers paid handsomely seeing the sympathy wave! CBI came in on the request of Supreme Court, when it was moved by the live-in partner; even the US sister insisted for the closure of the case to live in peace! Day by day CBI is more and more confused and they are likely to conclude as inconclusive unless they get help of Interpol and Mumbai CID, who enacted the ESCAPE drama under the 2017 Act, which promises to support suicide and threat prone people with dignity! facebook.com/100018714971209/posts/684568625510297/?app=fbl ....MANAV (Humane) more than actor - was the desire always! ....REPUBLIC lead man liked the following comment on Twitter, “....ACTUALLY, Pink Villa & Hindi Rush created his & his Ex-manager’s “death”...COURT marriage around 2015-16 (with two best friends as witness) while in live-in; split on advice of DIG brother-in-law following failure of in vitro & surrogacy! Aj FB Ajay Simon Richard” ....it implies that he tends to believe in this ESCAPE hypothesis being an investigative journalist! ....he might have got some horse sense towards this and smelt something fishy in the entire ESCAPE drama with obvious goof ups! ....ACTUALLY, Pink Villa and Hindi Rush have created his and his Ex-manager’s “death” with the help of Mumbai CID! ....COURT marriage probably took place around 2015-16 (with two of best friends as witness) while in live in relationship in adjacent flats, 403 & 404, both bought by his own money; BUT, split occurred on the advice of his DIG brother-in-law following failure of in vitro & surrogacy with “dusri aurat” coming often on You Tube with a lawyer and engaging into mutual interview. CHILDLESS marriage, no one approved because there was uncertainty about MRKH having an issue through surrogacy. 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He is hiding his face ever since from public eyes and media, only posting comments, so that those people who saw on bed may not recognise him, though mostly the face was covered with white sheet; he himself moved his fingers to signal for the sheet cover, else people would have noticed his breathing movements; also, he was lying on trolley on his left side to hide breathing movements! ....VIDEOS, photographs, diary pages, new witnesses are being “injected” into the media to make believe “suicide or murder”, while running his self acted BIOPIC for the media and the public! Look alike - filmed on funeral pyre: facebook.com/iamashitiwari/videos/673077753337541/?app=fbl ....ESCAPE: facebook.com/100003551897626/posts/2930119093783125/?app=fbl ....TWIN “Living Dolls” to previous Ex (MRKH) through in vitro and surrogacy; humanely done after a gap of four years and earlier failure with “Dushri Aurat”! One in 5,000 have MRKH and not acceptable to everyone for so many reasons! Thanks! Facebook: Ajay Simon Richard He at Ex house: www.dnaindia.com/television/report-sushant-singh-rajput-parties-with-ankita-lokhande-s-beau-vicky-jain-in-viral-throwback-pic-2832328 Twins: www.spotboye.com/amp/television/television-news/ankita-lokhande-rejoices-as-boyfriend-vicky-jain-s-sister-varsha-jain-delivers-twins-says-our-circle-is-richer/5f3121b1bcc45e31b0148252 ....VISCERA is not likely to reveal anything because his relatives might have refused to give DNA sample; thereupon DNA analysis of the viscera alone might have shown that it belongs to MAHA and not BHR proving the suspicion that an “abandoned body” was cremated hurriedly without any respect! 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