Ep 262 - Rajesh Has Something New To Teach - Ghar Ek Mandir - Full Episode

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Episode 262:
Rahul and Aanchal decide to go on a vacation for Pratham and to spend some quality time together. Megha's mother comes to meet her and asks her whereabouts. She tells her to get married as soon as possible as his father is already tensed.
About Ghar Ek Mandir :
The show centers around a family in India. The eldest child, Rajesh is married with two children. The middle child, Prem, is married to a lawyer named Anchal. The youngest son is Rahul is described as He’s a sloth who never does anything productive. Rahul has a sister that desires a fiance. Eventually, Prem dies, and Rahul marries Anchal and starts a new life. Prem's mother goes into a state of shock because of the death of Prem. Meanwhile, Rajesh is caught having an affair with another woman. Throughout the course of the show, Anchal slowly transforms Rahul into a more responsible person

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