श्रवण ने बात की अपने बीते कल के बारे मे - एक दूजे के वास्ते 2 - Ep 99 - 15 अक्टूबर, 2020

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Shravan shares his past with Vikram. He comes to know Vikram is Suman's lawyer. Shravan tries to leave but Vikram tells him to wait. Watch the full episode to know more.
About Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2:
A Love story between two people of different worlds, An ambitious boy from the civilian world, who doesn't have any goal in life, where "providing for the family" and "Earning good money" is the most important thing and a girl from an army background, A family where patriotism, punctuality, and sincerity runs deep in their blood, Where Country comes first even before family Suman, who has been raised in a disciplined army family wishes to follow the legacy and join army one day to make her hero, her father, and country proud. Shravan is an only son of a rich father, an apple of her mother's eye raised in a lavish lifestyle. He thinks that civilians can have the same character and loyalty to the country as an Army person. Despite the difference between the 2 worlds - of the army that has gallantry, pride, and honor and that of the regular civilian world - love as an emotion remains the same with its countless colors and shades.

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    • @Mr. F A B Bhaii tumne to poore bollywood se better bola tha..mne bs 2 logo k hi naam lie..isi mei flip maar dia or Zara chasme k number badwa le re bidhu😅..uske upr bi itni cheezo s compare kia(milly bobbie brown of stranger things, parikshit mishra of barrister babu,lee min ho of the king,ji chang wook,utkarsh mishra of the genius(uska bi debut tha)..n with this here I abort this argument

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  • Is deveraj malhotra is guilt may i know reason pls translate and say what was the final verdict.

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    • @Life talks thanks for understanding my difficulty bro

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    • @Kanagaraj Ohkay..nothing much happened..shravan was happy n sad at the same time for Suman as he saw crying her in the balcony from his room..he suggested Suman's fiance Vikram to take her to that mawa jalebi corner to cheer her up and as she saw shravan dancing n celebrating with his friends she again kinda misunderstood him to be selfish civilian as previously she thought from his words as if he has suffered equal pain as she (due to colonel Tiwari death) whereas kanchan is shown to dislike shravan, being a concerned sister she doesn't want her to go through same pain again and therefore suggests her to focus on her present i.e Vikram

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