Ep 256 - Nagma Blackmails Heena's Father - Heena - Full Episode

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Episode 256:
Nagma blackmails Heena's father and makes it very evident that she's behind him for his property and wealth, and if he wants to see his daughter alive, he should concede with the same.
About Heena :
The show was based on the trials and tribulations in the life of a woman. Heena is married to Sameer, but her marriage is doomed from the wedding night itself when Sameer proclaims his undying love for another woman, Ruby. Finally, their unhappy marriage ends in a divorce. A while after the divorce Sameer's best friend Akram decides to marry Heena. Heena is very happy with Akram and thinks that he is the one. But Ruby strikes again and enters Heena's life as Akram's second wife.

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