Ep 260 - Sapna Bumps Into Rajesh - Ghar Ek Mandir - Full Episode

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Episode 260:
Rahul lovingly looks at Aanchal and they exchange eye contact. Some goons attack Rajesh thinking him to be a woman. He counterattacks attacks and they run away. Supriya is being asked by her boyfriend where they would be going for their honeymoon.
About Ghar Ek Mandir :
The show centers around a family in India. The eldest child, Rajesh is married with two children. The middle child, Prem, is married to a lawyer named Anchal. The youngest son is Rahul is described as He’s a sloth who never does anything productive. Rahul has a sister that desires a fiance. Eventually, Prem dies, and Rahul marries Anchal and starts a new life. Prem's mother goes into a state of shock because of the death of Prem. Meanwhile, Rajesh is caught having an affair with another woman. Throughout the course of the show, Anchal slowly transforms Rahul into a more responsible person

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