गणेश को मिला दंड - विघ्नहर्ता गणेश - Ep 746 - 16 अक्टूबर, 2020

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Ahilya scolds Ganesh for eating sweets without her permission. Ganesh accepts his mistake and asks for forgiveness. The scorpion comes near Ganesh to bite him, but Ganesh steps on it. Kuchlasur slips away and saves his life. Watch the full episode to know more.
About Vighnaharta Ganesh:
'Vighnaharta Ganesh' showcases the journey of the deity Ganesha and presents a magical visual extravaganza with impeccable production design, celestial costumes, and ingenious audio-visual experience through Motion Capture technology. This technology will make the emotional journey of how Ganesha from being an ostracized child to "Prathamesh" amongst God's more endearing and realistic experience. Motion Capture technology and animatronics which will be used for the first time on Indian Television, after being extensively used in Hollywood. This technology will replace the age-old depiction of Lord Ganesha with an inert mask and bring alive the detailed life-like movements and facial expressions to the fore giving the viewers a delightful visual treat. This magnum opus is supported by a stellar star-cast that includes Uzair Basar playing Ganesha, Akanksha Puri as Parvati, Malkhan Singh as Shiv, Basant Bhatt as Kartikeya, and Anand Garodia as Narada Muni

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  • Please aisa mat bola ki akansha puri is best please cone back akansha puri please woh khud gayi hai akansha puri ne bola ki main ek hi show nahi karti she is also best agar akansha puri khud chodkar gaye hain toh diresctors kya kare madrakshini mundle is also good aur woh apna best de rahi hain role ko nibhne ke liye

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  • उस मोड़ से शुरू करनी है फिर से जिंदगी जहा सारा शहर अपना था और तुम अजनबीg

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  • Bring the old parivati back

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    • She left this show on her own wish because she got new project and wanted to come out of the goddess zone. She said this herself in an interview. The new parvati mata is also doing well. We should appreciate her efforts and give her some time to get into the new role which every actor needs. We can't compare 1 episode of madirskshi ma'am with 700 episodes of akangsha di.

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