Crime Patrol Satark - New Season | Dark Secrets | Justice For Women | Full Episode

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About Crime Patrol:
Crimes that tell us, we need to be careful, we need to be watchful. Crimes that tell us lives could have been saved. Every crime we hear of, either warns us to be careful or scares us, it could happen to us. Every crime ignites a feeling, 'It should not have happened'.Would know the 'Why' behind a crime, help in stopping a crime from happening? I don’t like the way he looks at me', 'I don’t like the way he/she is behaving', 'I think he/she is out of his/her mind', 'I think he/she has gone crazy'. That gaze, that quirky smile, that persistent stare which unnerves. It is difficult to understand the intentions but the hints are there. In a house a husband and wife argue, fight. A vessel comes flying, a glass breaks. The husband is angry and the wife is upset. That hatred, that ego. The distance keeps growing. It is difficult to comprehend the damage, but the cracks are there. Feelings… expressions. Misunderstood, unresolved callings of the heart. The cracks are there. Too wide to be missed. Yet when the heart takes over the mind, the outcome is a mindless tragedy. Crime Patrol- Dastak will attempt to look at the signs, the signals that are always there before these mindless crimes are committed. Instincts/Feelings/Signals that so often tell us that not everything is normal. Maybe, that signal/feeling/instinct is just not enough to believe it could result in a crime. Unfortunately, after the crime is committed, those same signals come haunting.

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  • Crime increasing rapidly but none action by govt! As govt is corrupted!!! Public should take it in own hands to protect themselves!!! It's heart breaking...

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  • This episode is looks like Arushi talwar case her parents doing something like that also it's hundreds percent true

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  • Aaroshi Talwar murder case

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    • Hey! i m from pakistan. plz tell me about final decision of court. who is killer? really her brother? plz reply

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